Chapter 1

I sat beside my best friends as always and completely zoned out of their conversation. I was thinking about what I always do. My brothers. The JONAS brothers. I have no clue why I left, But I knew they were going places. So I guess thats why. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I quickly wiped it before they saw. Too late. Destiny,Ivy,and Faith all hugged me and told me it would be ok. But they were wrong. I wouldn't be until I found them.

*2 mounths later*

I was watching MTV when it happened: 3 boys came on the screen beside Claire,the host, I realized it was Nick,Joe,and Kevin. My brothers. I cried. They made it. Then I smiled. My adopted parents came in. "Whats wrong,Darlin?" Said Micheal my "Dad". "Nothing." I replied sadly. "Ok. Were going out for dinner,so go get ready!" Said Nichole Smiling. My "Mommy". I rolled my eyes and went and changed into what I knew they hated. My favorite outfit. It made every guys head turn. Really short shorts,low cut tank top,and some boots. I smiled into the miror in my room. Then I walked out and down to the car.

Not a word was said at dinner until I said the thing they dreaded hearing.

"Daddy? I want to go to L.A. and meet my brothers,my mom and dad." I saw him choke on his tea. "I'm sorry. What?!" He said angry but quite.

"I wanna met my REAL family!" I said loud with force and anger. I looked a few guys smiling at me;I got up;walked over to the and sat down at their table. "Hi." I said. "Why hello there,Miss hottie." He put his hand on my leg. I smiled and looked over at my table. My dad got up;walked over ot the table;moved the guys hand;and yelled "GET YOUR ASS OVER TO THAT TABLE. NOW!!!!!" Naturaly I ignored him;sat in some random guys lap and played with his hair. "Make me,Daddy." I challenged him. Which wasn't my brightest idea. He grabbed my wrists;jerked me out of the guys lap and sat me in my seat at our table.

The whole restraunt was staring. "Take me to meet my family before I do it myself." I said getting up and walking out of the resturant and walked home.

Chapter 2

Ok I knew last night wasn't one of my brightest ideas. I felt like a slut. I shoudered. "Gah!" I said to myself. I was reseaching how much it would cost to get a plan ticket to L.A. Wow too much. So I quietly went into the livivng room and called Mamaw Jonas. The only Jonas I knew,and the only one,besides my parents,that knew I exsisted. She came to see me every holiday she could. I called her. "Mamaw Jonas?" I said alittle scared. "Hey sweetheart! I take it you wanna see your brothers?"Said nicely. "Yeah mamaw." I said hearing something in the background. It was a boy voice. "Mamaw J!! Who ya talking too?" said his voice. " No one Nicholas. Go do the dishes." She yelled back. I cried. Nick. "I wanna talk to him!!" I said without thinking. "Umm.. ok. Nicholas phone!!" She said. I heard the phone being passed inbetween hands. I gulped. I hadn't seen Nick since I was 2. Which made him 3 a year older then me."Yo!" He greeted."Hi Nick." I said scared. "Umm are you ok? You sound a little scared." He said concerned."Yeah i'm fine. I just never thought this would happen." Great! Now hes gonna think i'm crazy! "Ahh your a fan." He said pretty sure of himself. "Yes but no. Nick let me talk to Mamaw." I demeanded. Damn it! I'm not good with this! "Umm ok. Mamaw! Phone!" He said alittle confused. Lie alot confused. "Hey sweetie. Their gonna be here for a week. I ordered your tickets your plane leaves tomorrow at 7 a.m. Tell them Mamaw Jonas ordered your ticket. Make sure you say "Jonas" Ok?" She said giving me specsific directions. "Ok Mamaw. I love you. See you soon. Make sure they don't leave.Ok?" She said Ok and hung up. I ran back to my room to pack.

The next day. Everyone was out but me. I was on my way to the Alanta airport. In a few hours I would be meeting my brothers. Unsure if they will accept me. "Dear God let them accept me." I prayed.

Chapter 3

The taxi pulled up infront of my Mamaw's house. I saw three heads looking out the window. I smiled;got my bags from the trunk of the taxi and walked up to her house. Nick opened the door before I could knock. With Joe and Kevin right behind him. "Hello?" They said in unision. Shit this isn't going well. Then Mamaw made her way to the door and hugged me. "Hey babydoll! You made it. Excuse them." She said friendly. I walked into the house and sat down beside FluffierNut,her pomirainion. Joe,Kevin,and Nick stared at me like I was an alien from another planet. "God! You look like Joe!" Nick exclaimed. "Guys theirs something I need to say." I said taking a long,deep breath. They sat down and looked at me,waiting for me to talk. "I am your sister. I'm Camila Jonas." They jerked back,shocked,then started laughing. "Ok Mamaw how much are you paying her?" Kevin said. "I'm not,boys. She not lying. Shes your sister."She said sure of herself. I nodded agreeing with her. Then Nick,being the smart one,got up;walked over to me and looked at me closely. I wanted to hug them,all really tight and just cry. Then Nick said something I had been longing for. "I remember you,"He said smiling," Your our little sister. Mom gave you away when we were little. I was 3 and you were 2. The Whaleys right?" He pulled me into a hug. I cried into his shoulder. "Yeah. They hate me. Their son tried to rape me one time. He didn't get to far. Lets just say he won't be having kids." I laughed. All of them smiled and hugged me. Then I died laughing at what Joe said."Thats my girl!! My little sister. Always do that if a guy trys that. I give you premission." He smiled and hugged me again.

Chapter 4

I woke up the next morning to a billion texts from Ivy,Faith,and Destiny. "Shit!" I thought. I forgot to tell them. I called them and put it on 3 way.

"What the hell?!?!" Destiny yelled.

"Where the hell are you!??!" Finished Ivy.

"Your dad is going crazy looking for you!" Said Faith. Always the good girl I thought.

"Guys i'm fine!! I'm with my brothers in Arizona. I told you one day i'm gonna meet them. They welcomed me with open arms!!" I yelled and answered for them. Nick walked in. "Uhhh who ya yellin at?"

"My friends!" I answered him a bit rude. "Sorrie,Nicky." I agoligized. "I was woken up then YELLED AT!!!" I screamed into the phone. "Sorry." They said in unison. Nick laughed.

"Are we on speaker?" Asked Destiny.

Nick grabbed the phone. "Yeah you are!" He said throwing the phone back at me. I ran up and kissed his cheek.

"Your so lame." He said wiping his cheek.

"Yeah and your annoying!" I teased.

"Come here."He said walking toward me.

"Guys i'll call you later." I said hanging up.

"Come here Little sis." He said starting to chase me. I took off running down the hall and jumped into Joe's arms. He stumbled backwards. "Dang sis!What the heck?!" He asked while putting me down. "Nick!!!"I screamed. Joe looked down the hall at Nick running toward us. "Got chya!" Nick said wraping his arms around me. "Nicholas put me down!!" I said as he draped me over his shoulder. "Never!" Nick said taking me back to my room.

"Meanie!" I said crossing my arms.

"But hey you love me right?" He asked.

"Maybe" I teased.

Nick gasped. "Camila!! I'm hurt." He made a sad face and pretened to cry. I played along. "Nicky!! I'm sorry." I put my head on his shoulder."Forgive me?"

He nodded and turned around. I smiled. "Its nice to finally know you guys." I hugged Nick like I would never see him again. "I'm not letting you go back to them people. Your our sister. We are taking care of you! Moms gonna be extatic!!" We both smiled at the thought of our Mom.

A few hours later. Nick and I were talking. "So what brought you to come and find us?" He asked. "Well I had always known y'all were out there. I had no clue were though. Then one day I saw y'all on MTV and I knew I had to come find y'all. They made sure that I knew I wasn't family. They were just being good people." A tear rolled down my cheek. Nick wiped it away and hugged me. "Cam your not going back there. Don't think for a second you are. Ok?" He told me. I nodded in agreement. But I still had the thought. He smiled at me. "I love you,sis. I'm not letting you go this time. I can do something about it this time. I'm not 3!" We both laughed at his lame joke. Then Joe and Kevin walked in. "Hey! We want sometime with our sister too!! Oh some guy is at the door for you,Camz." Joe walked me downstairs. I knew him right away. It was Jake!! I ran straight to him and hugged him as tight as I could. "Jake!!" I squealed. "Cami!!" He hugged me. "OMG I missed you!"We kept hugging. " Cam why are the Jonas Brothers watching us?

He asked a little scared. I laughed. "Their my brothers! I told you that last Christmas!!" I smiled and kissed him. I really missed him. "Ok thats enough!" They yelled. Jake and I looked ay each other. "Ummm guys me and Jake have been going out for a year. I have the right to kiss him." I stated. "Not infront of us." They said. Ok having brothers isn't cool anymore. "I'll text ya later Cami." He quickly kissed my cheek. "Love you." He whispered. I said the same and glared at them. "You've got like hmmm 1 second to run like hell before I kick your asses." I yelled. They all ran out the back door and around to the front of the house. I popped out the front door and growled at them. "NICHOLAS JERRY JONAS!! PAUL KEVIN JONAS JR. JOSEPH ADAM JONAS! YOUR ASSES ARE MINE!! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I'm not one for tolerance. Then it happened. I changed. Into my wolfself.

"Damn it!!" I screamed inside my head. They stared at me. "Holy hell." I heard Nick say. I ran into the woods;changed back;and put my speare cloths on. "Y'all weren't suppose to find out." I looked away ashamed. "Cami what was that?" Kevin dared to ask. "Don't worry about it. Just don't tick me off." I snapped back. I smirked. I know I scared them. Good. Maybe they'll back off. I ran into the woods;changed and ran to Jake's house.

Nick's POV
Holy shit!! 1 second shes a person,then shes a dog? No wolf! What the hell was she? Uhhh!! Its been 3 hours!! Where is she???!!!! I heard the door sling open then slam shut. Shes home. "Camila Jonas!!" I screamed. "What do you want Nick?!?" She screamed back. Just as loud. "Get in here!" I pulled her by her arm into my room. "What in the hell was that eailer?!" I saw her smirk. I wanted to slap her! Ugh!! Shes so annoying!!! "It was nothing. As long as i'm not totally pissed off." She pulled her arm back and walked out.  AAAHHHH Shes so complicated!!

Camila's POV
Ok Soo close!!! Uh! I can here Embry now! Literally.
End of POV
"Camila Leslie Jonas!! What the hell?!?!!? Are you trying to get us discovered?!?! Centrys are about to be lost because of you!!" He growled. I was ALWAYS scared when Embry gets pissed. Because he had already hurt me once  when he changed. I was way to close when him and Jake were fighting one time. My leg and arm were shredded. People get freaked out when they see it and start asking a billion questions. "Sorry Embry, I got to mad. I losted it. I'm sorry." I looked down. He growled louder. I stepped back. "Embry calm down!!" I pleaded. He took a couple deep breaths. "Do NOT let it happen again. Or i'm gonna blow a fuse." He pointed to my leg. "Again." He ran into the woods and I heard a loud shred. His clothes. I shuddered. I can't blow it again.
Joe's POV
Ok Cami is getting TOO secretive. Shes always out late,always tense and scared,and shes constently watching her back.
"Cams?" I yelled upstairs
"What Joe?"She yelled back
"Come here. We need to talk." I said using my "Adult" voice.
"What Joe?"She sighed  walking over to me.
"What the hell is going on with you? Your always out late,always tense and scared,and constently watching your back. Whats wrong,Sis?" I asked concered.
"Nothings wrong Joe!!! I'm fine!" She yelled at me.
Just then 5 huge boys kicked the door in and walked over to Cami. I stepped between them and her. "What do y'all want?" I asked neverous. They pointed to Camilia and she walked forward and left with them. Leaving me shocked,worried and speechless.
Cami's POV
Embry,Paul,Jacob,Seth,and Sam came and got me. I sighed. This was getting difficult but I can't leave. I'm the best fighter next to Sam. Embry is alpha,Sam is next in line for it. I walked by Jacob shivering cold even though my body heat is 108. He hugged me. "Baby,we are almost there." He said kissing me cheek. No one knows how it happened but we fell in love. Even though we shouldn't have. I smiled and put my arms around his waist. Sethy growled at us. He was beyond unhappy with Jakey and me dating. I just laughed at him. Which wasn't a good idea. Seth jumped Jacob and me from behind. But before Jacob could responed Embry and Sam had Sethy on the ground yelping. "GUYS GET OFF HIM!!" I pulled them both of and slung them." Sethy!!" I screamed. Then Embry growled and tackled me. Then I heard Nick's voice screaming me name. "NICK GET OUT OFF HERE!! ITS NOT SA-" Embry covered my mouth and walked over to Nick.
Embry's POV
Well I knew messing with Nick would mess with Camilia but her attitude deserved it. Then what happened next..... shocked even me.

Chapter 5

Camilia's POV
Ok one second i'm staring at my brother then i'm staring at a huge brown wolf?!!? OMFG I ran up and hugged him. Jake chased after me and pulled me away from Nick. I snapped at him. "Let me go!!" I screamed hitting his arms as hard as I could which was pretty hard by the bruises devolping on his arms. "Cami hes mad back up!!" He said pulling me away from Nick as he stepped forward ready to fight Embry. Then as Jacob pulled me back Nick lunged toward Embry and slung him into a tree. I heard Embry yelp. That was a first!! Paul and Sam lunged to help Embry only to be tackeled by two other wolves. They looked familer. Joe and Kevin?! No way not possible. Then they looked at me. I was speechless. My brothers were like..... ME!!! Werewolves!! It was no longer a secret. This is great until... Embry starts yelling.
hat was"GET THEM OFF ME CAMILIA!!" Embry shouted. Natural I walked over got my brothers and stood there waiting for him to blame it all on me..... again. I'm really getting tired of him.
"Go on Embry. Blame it on me. Again for the billionth time."I said sarcasticly.
Joe,Kevin,and Nick look at me. Like I was stupid for telling him to balme me. but the simple ran into the woods,phased,and came out. Joe spoke first
"I'm sorry sis. But did you just TELL HIM TO BLAME YOU!?!!"
"Camiz its not your fault. Its ours we attacked them." Nick stated
"Yes Nick and Joe!! You attacked some pack you don't belong too!! You idiots. STOP PROTECTING ME FROM A WORLD YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!!" I yelled. "Go home!" I yelled walking over to the woods phased and ran to God knows where.At midnight.Alone.

Chapter 6
A Midnight Run.

I had no clue where I was running but I was. I had not a idea how fast,how far,or how long I had been running I was just. Then something tackeled me. Jake. Figures.
"Baby!! Thank god!! Your ok." He rubbed his head against me.I shoved him away.
"Stop!" I growled. He backed up a few steps
"Whats wrong?" He asked.
"I'm not in the mood for lovey dovey bullshit right now." I said running off again. I knew I hurt him I was sorry but I can't do it right now. I ran to the cliffs and looked down. I heard everyone behind me screaming "No!" But the loudest was my brothers and Jacob. Of course. But they were to late. I jumped off the cliff.... and hit my head on a rock and went underwater. Uncouincess.
    I woke up 2 weeks later I think. Nick,Joe,and Kevin were looing at me as I sat up. Screaming from the pain of my leg,arm,and head. They all ran over to me imidetitly.
"Cami!! You ok?" Nick asked impainently
"Yeah i'm fine. I'm just hurting a little bit." I said in pain. Jacob walked in and just stared at me. It brought tears to my eyes.
"Guys can you leave for a sec. I need to talk to Jake." I said with a please tone. They walked out.
"Jakey? I'm sorry about snapping at you in the woods. It was just I wanted to be alone for a-" It got harder to breath. The heart moniter machine started to slow. So did everything else. My breathing, my life, my heart,and my loves words.
"I love you,Jacob. I'm sorry." I said as I slipped away slowly.

Chapter 7

I looked around. I'm in a field of roses. I knew this couldn't be right. I saw my Grandma. I felt a tear roll down my cheek.
"Grandma?!" I yelled as I ran up to hug her. "Mamaw!!" I cried into her chest.
"Hey sweetie, Why are you here?" She asked looking at me concered.
"I jumped off a cliff,and then I slipped away infront of Jacob. I heard him crying before I," A tear slipped down my cheek,"Left." I cried harder.
"Honey why did you jump?" She asked worried.
"Because I couldn't live with all that crap. Embry always blamed crap on me. Meeting my brothers and finding out the same thing is happening to them isn't helping." I whispered to her.
"Ohh.. Embry likes having control. You've known that for years.Their your brothers. Its gonna happen to them too." She said laughing slightly.
"Mamaw,whats gonna happen now?" I asked her sadly.
"God is sending you back. To be with your brothers and Jake. Ok,sweetie?" She said pushing my hair out of my face and kissing my forehead.
"No I wanna stay with you." I cried.
"Baby Nick,Joe,Kevin,Jacob,and the pack need you,sweetie. Now go." She said pointing to a light shining. I could see Jacob,Nick,Joe,Kevin,Embry,Sam,Seth,and Paul all crying while the docters tried to save me. I walked a little bit then turned;looked at her and walked into the light. My  heart beat became present again. My breathing did too. Along with my eyes opening. I looked directly to Jacob. "I love you Jacob." I whispered again as I slipped away again. I heard Jacob scream "GOD MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!!!" as he cried more. I thought "Yes God!! Make up your mind!!!" Then I completely pulled through and smiled at Jacob. He hugged me tightly and kissed me reapetivly. " I love you." He whispered. I giggled. "I love you too,Jakey." I said smiling through the kiss. He laided down beside me.
"Please leave." Jake said as I buried my head into his chest;Smiling. Everyone left. Even the docters. They told Jacob if anything happens yell for them. I looked up at him smiling. He looked back smiling. I giggled. He leaned down and kissed me. I smiled through the kiss.
"Jacob I was scared. I thought i'd never see you again." I snuggled up to him. He ran his fingers through my hair. "I was too." He said smiling down at me. He kissed me again before we fell asleep.

Chapter 8

Me and Jake were asleep in each others arms. I'd never been so in love with someone before. He was still asleep. My pain was getting unbearable!! Just then Nick walked in.
"Hey Cami! You ok?" He asked;worried.
"No." I said wincing in pain. Before I knew it Jake was up;arms around me;with a concerned look on his face.
"Baby,whats wrong?"
"Nothing Jake. My heads just hurting." I smiled faintly.
Jacob's POV
I felt helpless to her. Like I could do nothing. It kills me seeing her like this. I'm so in love with her. I kissed her cheek. Shes my everything. My whole life. My-My absoulte everything!!
End of POV
Camila's POV
Jake leaned down and kissed me. I couldn't help but smile. Even thoguh I was in so much pain. I still smiled. Showing them I was fine but then again I wasn't.
"Love?" Jake said sweetly
I snuggled up to him. "Yes Jakey?"
"Be honest. Are you gonna be able to run anymore?" He asked.
I sighed. "I don't know,Baby." I kissed his nose and cuddle up to him more. If at all possible!
Nick's POV
They looked like newlyweds!! So madly in love! It was adorable to see Cami so happy and in love! I reminded me of me and Miley Cyrus. We dated for 2 years. They've been dating a year and are more inlove then we were!! I chuckled at them quietly and sat down. Nodding off.

Joe's POV
I almost lost my sister I hadn't even known that long. I'm glad to see how much Jacob cares for her. I don't know what we would do without him. Us running around for photoshoot,interviews,and practice. Hes constantly watching her  when we can't. I walked up to Jacob;tapped his shoulder lightly.
"Jacob?" I asked quietly.
"Yeah huh?" He asked waking up.
"Thank you. For watching Cami while we can't." I said sincerly.
"No problem,Joe." He said smiling.
I went beside Nick and fell asleep.

Kevin's POV
This had been hard on everyone. Finding out our secret,meeting our sister,her boyfriend,and the pack she was with. Which I don't like. Embry is just to hard on her. Then I heard a heart machine beat faster. I ran to Camila's bedside. "Cami?,Cami!,CAMILA!!" Jacob,Nick,and Joe were all awake.

Camila's POV
I heard Kevin shouting,Nick panicking,Joe I didn't hear him or Jacob. I felt 4 diffrent hands on me. Knowing it was the doctors. Then. Black.

Chapter 9

Then I felt a shock. Owww!!! I wanted to scream. Pain!! Then I could see figures. I couldn't make then out but they were there. Then another shock. God stop this!! Then the figures got clearer and voices. Jakey!! Joey!! Nicky!! Kevy!! Shock. Oww!!!! Jakey make them stop!! I wanted to scream. Then all I could hear was Jake. "Baby? Baby can you hear me? Please come on!! Open your eyes." He cried. I'd never seen any guy in our pack cry. Escpecially Jacob. Then I heard the pack come in.
"Is she ok?" I heard Seth ask. Jacob did something that made everyone gasp.
"I'm worried. I love her! I can't lose her! Camila come on! Open your eyes! Please!!!" I heard him cry. I'm trying Jake! I thought. One more shock owww fuck!! I heard a gasp then a "beep,beep,beep," My heart be apperently. My eyes opened slowly. I saw everyone staring at me. Then doctors were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Then I looked at Jacob. "Jakey?" I asked. He smiled at me. "Yes, Love?" he asked happy. "Where is my mom?" Nick took this one. "Shes in Califonia, Camz. We'll be leaving tomorrow." That made everyones head turn and look at him. "WHAT?!?!?!" Jake,Sam,Seth,Paul,Embry, and I yelled in unison. "We have too. We have tons of things to get ready in LA." Joe defended. "What about my friends?!?!" I screamed at them. Which wasn't to loud cause i'm that weak. To add to the drama Destiny, Faith, and Ivy walked in. "CAMERZ!!!!!" They yelled. Jake stepped infront of me. "Who are you?" He asked. "Jakey its ok." I reassured him. He gently grabbed my hand and looked at me. I nodded. "Who the hell are they?" Ivy asked. I sighed. "Ivy this is Jacob, Nick, Joe, Kevin, Sam, Paul, Embry, and Seth." I said pointing to each of them.