Untouchable: A Niley Story

Ok! So this is my most recent Story. Everyone likes it. and Forbidden Love too!! Everyone is Famous. There is a video that explain! LOL the trailer. Miley and Nick hate eachother but Miley secretly still loves him. Nick broke up with Miley 2 years ago on the red carpet. Afterword he made miley's life like a living hell (Excuse me) LOL. Makes he look bad every chance he gets. At award shows,concerts,even on the street to paparzzi. But when Miley finally gives up on Nick. Nick changes and trys to prove to her hes good again. But when the same thing happens. Miley finally moves on from Nick. Will he change? Or has he really screwed up? Will Miley ever forgive him and be his friend? Or Did Nick just loose the girl of his dreams? Find out in Untouchable. (Video found below :D)



Miley:Nick?!?! what are you doing here?!
Travis: Umm Miles i'm gonna go. Bye

Miley: Bye
Nick:What the heck?!
Miley:Why do you care?
Nick: I don't.
Miley: Thats a lie. And you know.
Nick: Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't.
Miley:Come on Nick? *Steps toward him* Why are you here?*Faces are inches apart*
Nick: POV:Oh My God. Nick breath Kiss her. No! Don't!! *End of POV* (Kisses Her)
Miley:POV OMG What is going o?!?! Why am I kissing back? I don't care!! Travis. Poor Travis.*End of POV* *Wraps her arms
around his neck*
Nick *Pulls her close*
Miley: *Gigges*
Nick: *Pulls away* Wow.
Miley: *Smiling* Yeah I know.
Nick: Well umm Bye Miley. I'm gonna let you get back to your umm break.
Miley: Bye Nick. *Hugs him*
Nick: *Smiles;hugs back*
**Next Morning**
Miley:*Humming;skips down the stairs* Good Morning!
Mamaw: Well your in a good mood.
Miley: Extremly!
Travis: *Smiles* Why?

Miley:Me and Nick are back together!! *Screams;runs upstairs*
Travis: *Looks down* The kiss meant nothing to her.
Mamaw:I'm sorry Travis. She never saw you as more then a friend.
Miley: *Comes down* Travis Can I talk to you? Alone?
Travis What?
Miley: Travis i'm sorry. But I don't see you as more then a friend. My BEST friend! The kiss meant something. It showed me that I love you. As a friend. And that I have no feelings for you. I'm sorry.
Travis: Miley then why did you kss back?!
Miley:*On the edge of tears;yells* I'M SORRY!!! *Runs outside* **Car is flying down the road**
Miley: *Screams*


Miley: *Screams*


Travis: MILEY!!!

Miley: *Laying on the ground;bleeding* Travis. H-h-elp.

Travis: *Picks her up;takes her into the house* MAMAW RUTHY!!!!!

Ruth: What in the world?! We gotta get her to the hospital!! *Grabs her keys;takes Miley to the hospital*

Dr: Miley Cyrus?? *Few fans scream*

Ruth/Travis: Thats us! *Runs over to him*

Travis: Is she ok?

Nick/Joe/Kevin: *Run in;over to him*

Nick: Is...she...ok? *Says threw pants*

Dr: Shes fine. Just some blood loss and a concussion. We are going to keep her here for a few days then she can go home.

Nick/Travis: Can we see her? *Glare at each other*

Dr: Yes you may. One at a time please. *Walks away*

Nick: *Takes of running to her room;runs in first;walks over to Miley* Hey baby.

Miley: *Smiles* Nicky.

Nick: Miley what happened?

Miley: Me and Travis got into a fight;I ran out into the street then the car hit me.

Nick: So its his fault?

Miley: No it isnt Nick. Its mine.

Nick: How?!

Miley: Travis and I were yelling at each other then he said something then I ran outside.
*** Few days later. Niley is in Miley's room. no ones home***

Nick: *Starts kissing Miley's neck*

Miley: *Giggles;traces circles on his chest*

Nick:*Pushes her back on the bed*

Miley: Nick....

Nick: *Hovers over her;kisses her Neck/shoulder/chest*

Miley:*Moans slightly*


Miley:*Giggles* If you gonna do anything. Do it now. My parents
get home soon.

Nick: Ok. *Takes their clothes off*

**A/N Hopefully you know what their gonna do.**

**Week later. Miley's in her bathroom crying**

Demi: *Runs in* Miley?! Miley?!!?!?

Taylor: *Comes in behind her*The bathroom!!! *Both run into
Miley's bathroom*

Demi: Miles!! Whats wrong?

Miley: *Throws the pregnacy test at them*

Taylor: Miley this has a "plus" sign.

Miley: *Nods head "yes"*

Demi: Miley,this better be your mothers.

Miley: *Shakes head "no"*

Demi: WHERE THE HELL IS HE?!?!?!?!?

Miley: *shrugs*

Taylor: *Bends down and hugs her* It will be ok,Miley.

Miley: *Crys into Taylor's shoulder*

Demi: *Leaves angerly*

Nick: *Calls Miley*

** Phone Convo**

Miley: What Nick?

Nick: *Worried* Have you been crying?

Miley: Yes.

Nick: Babe whats wrong?

Miley: *Looks at Taylor*

Taylor: Tell him.

Miley: Nick I-I-I'm pregnant.

Nick: *Slams the brakes on his car* YOUR WHAT?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!


Nick: *Slams on his breaks* YOUR WHAT?!?!!?

Miley: Nick i'm pregnant. With YOUR baby!

Nick: This can't be happening!!!

Miley: Well it is! I'll show you the test to prove it!

Nick: I'll be there in 5. *Hangs up*

Nick's POV
A trillion thought were going through my mind at once. How could this be true? I can't be a father! I'm 17 and famous! Then again I couldn't leave Miley. Shes 17, scared, upset, famous, and worried about eveyrthing. I pulled up at her house and walked in.

Miley's POV
I cluchted my stomach,wall, and Taylor's arm for support. I couldn't believe this. No more then Nick did. But I heard him pull up and walk in. I stared at the door. Waiting for him to walk in...

Normal POV

Nick: Wheres the test?

Miley: *Throws it at him* Plus means pregnant. Minus means not.

Nick: *Stares at the plus sign* This is really happening.

Miley: *Nods* Yeah. It is.

Nick: *Sits on the bathroom floor* I'm gonna be a father.

Miley: *Still holding her stomach, Taylor, and the wall* Yeah. i'm gonna be a 17 year old mom.

Nick: *Shocked* Whats everyone gonna say?

Miley: *Finally breaks down* I don't know!!!

Nick: *Jumps up; hugs her* Miley,everything is gonna be fine.

Miley: No its not Nick!! Your gonna leave!!

Nick: No, Miley. I'm not.

Miley: Your not?

Nick: *Stands up; hugs Miley* Miles this is my baby too.

Miley: I thought you would be worried about your rep. Not me.

Nick: Miley i'm more worried about you.

Miley: *Looks at Taylor*

Taylor: I'll text ya laterz Milerz. *Walks out*

Miley: *Looks at Nick; suddenly screams* HOW COULD YOU GET ME PREAGNAT?!?!!?!?!? WHY DIDN'T YOU THINK?!?!!? *Hits his chest*

Nick: *Jumps then pulles her into a hug* Miley, I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry.

Miley: *Still screaming* I HATE YOU!!

Nick: *Hurt but knows she doesn't mean it* I know, Miley. I hate myself too.

Miley: *Crys into his chest* What am I gonna do?

Nick: Your gonna stay in Tennessee until you have the baby. I'm gonna be right here with you.

Miley: How Nick? You have your show, concerts, your new band, songs to sing, write, and everything!!

Nick: I can hold of on everything. Plus I can write here and record. Miles Nashville isn't far from here. *Smiles* Go lay down. Calm down. I'll get Ruthy so you can tell her.

Miley: Ok. *Goes to lay down*

Nick: *Walks downstairs* Ruthy?

Ruthy: Yes, Nicholas?

Nick: Miley needs to talk to you.

Ruthy: Is she ok?

Nick: Kinda.

Ruthy: *Walks into Miley's room*

Miley: *Looking in the mirror at her stomach* H-Hey Mamaw