Chapter 1
The Meeting.

Ugh Monday morning. After running all night. This is getting old fast. My friends walked in just as tired. Behind them a boy. Damn hes hot!! Demi heard that thought. Shit!! She slaped my arm. "Dude! You know Justin right? Yeah hes you boyfriend!!!" She yelled quietly. I just laughed. Me and Justin weren't completely going out. I was just using him for the sex. Which hes awesome at. I guess you could call me a user. Selena,Demi,and Taylor were shaking their heads at me. "What?"
"Miley you know its not right." Selena told me.
"Psh and?" I said back sarcasticly.
"Miley its mean to use someone as sweet as Justin." Demi stated.
"Demi I don't care!" I yelled at her queitly before turning around to see a curly head infront of me. Then I saw Justin walk in. He looked upset. I thought back to Demi. "Whats up with him?" I thought to her. I saw her shrug. The Selena passed me a note. It said "Don't be pissed but I told him. He said he already knew. IDK how." I wrote back to her."Well I think Ashley might have told him cuz she likes him. Should I let the bitch have him?" Demi replied this time. "Totally." Taylor added in. "Yeah Mi Mi." I hesitated. "But guys...." Demi looked at me shaking her head. "Miley sex isn't everything." I sighed;got up and threw away the note.

Nick's POV
Holy shit shes damn. (this is what she looks like
She look so hot. Then there was something about her. Like you wanted so bad to get her but you can't. I watched her. She seemed intrested in me. I smirked at her. I knew she wanted me. Hell! I wanted her too! When she walked by I touched her leg. She jumped at my cold touch. She flaming hot!! Like she had a tempeture! I pulled my hand back. She smirk and sat down. Now I feel intimidated.

Miley's POV
Psh I knew I intemidated this stranger. I intemidate and practicly hypnotize them. I flipped my hair. Yup i'm every guys dream. Envoy me.

That night. Nick and his brother were at the mall;so were Miley and her girls**
"I like what I see." I said looking at Nick. Then he walked up to me.
"Hi." He said sexyly.
"Hi. Were gonna go talk." I said pulling Nick toward a store then into a closet. I put his hands on my hips.
"So what are we doing in here?" He asked confused but liking it. I giggled;grabbed him by his shirt and kissed him. The heat from my lips only made him want me more. I knew I was mysterious to him. He liked it. I ran my fingers up his shirt. Rubbing his abs hard. He moaned. Then I rubbed him. He moaned loud. I broke the kiss for a second "Shh.. we aren't suppose to be in here." I bit my bottom lip and kissed him while I rubbed him. "Stop that." he moaned. "Awe why?" I pouted. "Cause I don't wanna have sex in a closet." He pointed out.
"My house is only a few blocks from here." I said kissing his neck.
"Why are we still standing here?" He said opening the door. To our luck one of the store managers were out there. "Let me handle this." I whispered in his ear. I walked up to the maneger.

Nick's POV
When she did that. It sent chills down my body. I saw her seducing the maneger. Theres something about her!!! Shes to good with guys. Even guys older then her! Thats guys like 26 or 27! Ugh.

Chapter 2

Miley's POV
Woah. That was better then Justin!!! I was laying on top of Nick. Hes cute when hes sleeping. I kissed him quickly then sighed. I think I love him. Hes amazing. I mean not just at sex. In general. Hes amazing. I shook my head. What the fuck am I talking about!! I don't love! I just have sex!!! I looked at him again. He was smiling. That made me smile. He woke up a little and wrapped his arms around me. I cuddled up to him. I realized I was in his shirt. How the hell did that happen? Oh well he smells soooo good! Of course it was holliester! Yum. I snuggled into his chest and fell asleep. 
 ***3 Hours Later***
 I walked downstairs. Apereantly Nick left hours ag-
Nick: Morning Miley.

Miley: Umm Nick? I thought you left.

Nick: Well you were asleep I didn't wanna leave you alone.

Miley: Awe! Thanks. *Sits on the counter* Whatcha cookin?

Nick: Pancakes,bacon,eggs,and toast. That ok?

Miley: Yum! Its perfect!
The air was diffrent. The diffrent that made my skin crawl. Sweet. To sweet. I sudden jumped off the counter and ran outside. Bam! Infront of me 3 vampiers. Nick walked out behind me....
 Nick's POV of the day.
I woke up and saw Miley fast asleep on me. I slowly moved her off of me and back in the bed. I got dressed and watched some tv. For a few hours then I started breakfast. Miley came down in my shirt. Thats where it went. We talked for about 5 minutes then she suddenly jumped off the counter I ran out behind her. I heard this growl coming from somewhere. I looked at her. She! She was growling at these guys infront of her. She turned at looked at me. She was convulsing!!!

Nick: Miley! What the hell is going on!?!?!?!

Miley: Nick get in the house! Now.

Nick: *Backs toward the door* Miley?

Aro: Well Well Well. What do we have here?

Miley: Thats none of your business, Aro.

Nick: Miles.



Felix: Well,well,well look what we have here.

Miley: Shut up, Felix.

Aro: Now now, Miley. Lets not get snappy. We are here on offical business.

Miley: Well get on with it!