Whispered Goodbyes

Chapter 1


I sat there and watched him die right before my eyes. Slowly and painfully they had killed him. I cried and screamed as they stabbed him one at a time from the thigh to the heart..... then they shot him in each place they had stabbed him before. I listened to his painful,heart breaking screams. I had to look away it hurt so bad. he was strong. he never cried infront of me. Just before they shot him in the chest he looked at me and Whispered Goodbye, Miley.... then..... they shot him. But that was a year ago. Even though it was..... I can't forget it. I never will. Thats apart of who I am today.

**FF to today. Febuary 3, 2010**

Demi: Come on, Miles! Get up!

Miley: *Rolls over in the bed* No!

Hannah: Get your ass up!

Miley: Fuck you, Hannah! No! *Throws a pillow at them*

Demi: Miley, it was over a year ago!!!

Miley: A year ago tomorrow!

Hannah: Its sicking to see you like this, Miles!

Miley: *Groans; falls back*

Demi: You know why she did it, Miley.

Hannah: To see you fall apart like this.

Miley: All because she wanted him.

Demi: Now its fair to her because your unhappy and no one has him.

Hannah: Excatly. Shes happy with Justin and your not happy at all.

Joe: *Knocks on the front door*


Joe: *Runs upstairs* Hey Girls.

Demi: Hey Joey! *Kisses him*

Joe: Hey Babe *Kisses back*

Miley: Please not now.

Joe: Ok, Miles. Only cause I love yew!!

Demi: *Clears throat*

Joe: Less then Demi.

Miley: Its ok, Joe.

Hannah: Hey, Joe. Some dude is downstairs for you.

Joe: Is his name Nick?

Hannah: Yeah.

Joe: *Picks Miley up throws her over his shoulder; goes downstairs*


Joe: Nick, this is Miley. Miley this is my little brother Nick.

Miley: *Crosses arms* Joseph Adam Jonas, you do realize i'm only wearing a bra and panties, right?

Joe: Nicks seen girls with less on.

Nick: JOE!!!

Miley: 1. Joe put me down. 2. you basicly said your brothers not a virgin.

Joe: Well hes not. *Runs upstairs*

Miley: *Grabs a blanket* Sorry.

Nick: *Staring at her* No problem.

Miley: *Blushes* stop staring.

Nick: *Looks Away; Chuckles* Sorry.

Miley: How about I go get dressed and we go for a walk?

Chapter 2

Nick: *Looks Away; Chuckles* Sorry.

Miley: How about I go get dressed and we go for a walk?

Nick: Sure.

Miley: *Smiles* Ok lets go.

Nick: *Stops her* Go get dressed first.

Miley: *Looks at his hand on her waist* Right. I forgot.

Nick:*Laughs; pushes her to her room*

Miley: *Sighs* I forgot how much fun having a guy around is. *Bites lip and changes*
***20 minutes later***
Nick: So what happened? Demi said you have been kinda down and depressed.

Miley: *Looks down* Yeah...

Nick: *Knows she don't wanna talk about it* Oh you don't have to tell me.

Miley: Well.......

Nick: *Looks into her eyes* You don't have to tell me.

Miley: *Smiles a bit* Your really sweet.

Nick: *Smiles back* Just like chocolate.

Miley: *Laughs*

Nick: You have a cute laugh.

Miley: Thanks.
**They get to the park;Miley sits on a swing; Nick pushes her**
Miley: I feel like a kid again! I haven't been here in years.

Nick: You haven't been to the park in years?

Miley: Not this one. I came here when I first moved here.

Nick: *Sits in the swing beside her*

Miley: *Looks over to him* Why are you trying to help me?

Nick: *Caught off guard* What?

Miley: Why are you trying to help me?

Nick: I wanna help you because..... I don't know why I wanna but I am.

Miley: *Smiles at him* Your the first guy to try.

Nick: Really?

Miley: *Kicks the sand* Really.

Nick: Wow. Some guys just don't try hard enough.

Miley: *Looks at the sky* Its almost sunset. Lets go to the lake!!

Nick: Thats like 5 miles from here!

Miley: *Giggles* Thats why we drive.

Nick: Ohhh. Duh. *Grabs her hand; starts running*

Miley: *Laughing* Nick!! Slow down! I can't run in these shoes!

Nick: *Stops running; puts her on his back; runs again*

Miley: *Lays her head down* Nick!!

Nick: *Walks* Better, Miles?

Miley: *Gets off his back* Much!

Nick: *Smiles at her*

Miley: *Smiles back*

Miley's POV
I was falling for Nick. Slowly I was. He was like an angel sent from God to help me get over Lucas. I knew something was perfect about this one moment. Like this was the moment I was suppose to wake up from another dream look around and not see Nick. I was waiting. Holding my breath for it but it never came and as me and Nick just smiled there I saw head lights. They were coming faster and faster toward us. I pulled Nick out of the street. NOTHING was ruining this moment. Nothing WILL ruin MY PERFECT MOMENT. The first one since I got married. When me and Nick got to the lake we sat in the sand and watched the sunset. Maybe this whole day was set to be just perfect. Nick was laying down and I was beside him. He broke the silence with a question.

Nick: Miles?

Miley: Yeah?

Nick: You don't have to answer but why did you choose me as the "Guy that is gonna help you get over him".

Miley: *laughs* I don't know. You know Twilight?

Nick: Yeah.

Miley: *Sits up and looks at him* I'm Bella. Your my Jacob.

Nick: *About to say something*

Joe: *Jumps out of the bushes* Yo,Yo,Yo,Yo,Yo!!!

Nick: You gonna become the next Headless Horseman.

Joe: Love you too, Nick.

Nick: I'm serious this time, Joseph.

Joe: Dude, i;m here for a reason.................

Chapter 3

Nick: I'm serious this time, Joseph.

Joe: Dude, i'm here for a reason.................

Nick: Why?

Joe: Wait I forgot.

Miley: *Glares at Joe* Remember or leave.

Joe: *Takes off running*

Nick: *Laughs, lays back down*

Miley: *Bites lip, smiles, and lays down beside him*

Nick: *Puts his arms around him* So why do I get a chance to try?

Miley: *Shrugs* We'll find out. *Smiles and falls asleep beside him*
***** THE NEXT DAY*****

Joe: Demi remember when you made me go to the lake yesterday?

Demi: Yeah.

Joe: Nick and Miley seemed to be getting along well.

Demi: Yes! Its working!!

Miley: *Walks in* What is?

Demi: *Looks at Joe* Uhhhhhhhhh........................

Joe: The lessons

Miley: What lessons?

Demi: Reading lessons. You know to develop the baby's brain.

Miley: *Suspicious* Ok. I'll be back later. Me and Nick are going out to lunch. *Walks out*

Demi: God that was close.

Joe: Yeah. I know.

Demi: I'm so worried shes gonna figure it out!

Joe: *Rubs her arms* She wont! Promise

Demi: *Sighs* I know I know.

Joe: *Smiles and kisses her softly* It'll work out.

Demi: *Smiles* I know. Shes just depressed and it scares me.

Joe: I know it does, Baby. But look, shes happy again. Shes going out. Shes not upstairs in her bed crying like always.

Demi: *Lays her head on Joe's shoulder* Yeah I know. Our little Miley is growing up. *laughs a little*
****With Nick and Miley****

Miley: *Takes a bite of salad and laughs; covering her mouth* Stop doing that!!

Nick: *With straws up his nose* Your laughing so why stop? *Makes a weird face*

Miley: *Giggles* Nick stop please!

Nick: *Acts like a little kid* Fineeeeeeeee, Mommy! *Plays with his food*

Miley: *Laughs more* Nicky!

Nick: *Looks up and grins*

Miley: *Smiles back* Your smile is so contagious.

Nick: *Smiles wide* Then it serves purpose.

Miley: *Smiles again* Ugh stop my cheeks hurt!!!

Nick's POV
She was amazing. I don't know why guys had never tried to get to know her. Shes perfect. Shes sweet, funny, beautiful, and she had the most beautiful eyes and smile. I feel like i'm falling for her. With every smile, glance, word she spoke I fell harder.

Miley: Whatcha think about?

Nick: Someone amazing.

Miley: A girl?

Nick: Yup.

Miley: Well, shes lucky to be in your thoughts.

Nick: *Stands up and grabs her hand* Yeah. She is.

Miley's POV
He was a gentlemen. A true gentlemen. He wasn't from the south either! Which made it even more hard not to fall for him. I sent up a quick prayer. Lucas? If you sent Nick to me. Thank you. I need him. Hes amazing. I love you still though. Then something pop infront of me. It looked like Lucas. He smiled at me. Like he was telling me to move on from him. I smiled atthe glowing figure as it disapeared as quickly as it came. I looked over to Nick. Knowing it was Lucas who had sent Nick to me. To move on from him. To finally leave my safety zone and go out into the world. Or leave my own.